Outside General Counsel

Most small businesses and startups have legal needs that arise on a regular basis, but do not have enough legal work or resources to justify a full-time in-house counsel position. As a result, one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is delays in addressing potential legal issues until a matter escalates into a more serious (and potentially more costly) problem or concern. To avoid this risk, I offer clients the option of a subscription-style model for outside general counsel services.

General Counsel Subscription Services

With a general counsel subscription arrangement, you pay a predetermined amount each month for ongoing and continuous legal support on any legal question that arises. The amount is based on our discussion of your anticipated legal needs.

The subscription enables us to plan for and address your needs in advance and in a strategic manner, rather than on an ad hoc and reactionary basis. The more I work with you, the better I get to know you and your company, and the more value I can add to your operations. You also have priority access to my services and time if something unexpected arises.

We regularly review your subscription to ensure you are receiving the level of service you need. If a legal matter affecting your business concerns an area of law outside my area of expertise, I help you find someone who specializes in your area of need through my network of colleagues.

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