Firm Philosophy

In my practice at Stoltz Law, I provide a wide range of business law services to established business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as clients interested in starting a new business. My approach focuses on helping clients advance their goals, while protecting their interests and preserving resources. From my office in Reston, Virginia, I work with clients across the country.

Personal Service

With the proliferation of online legal sites, it’s fair to ask why you should use an attorney. One critical reason is the personal service an attorney can provide. Sure, you can probably find a form for a particular legal issue on the internet, but the website won’t know you or your business, can’t offer you advice specific to your individual needs, and won’t be there when you have follow up questions, concerns, or problems down the road. In my practice as a business law attorney, I provide service, not documents. You are much more than input for an algorithm.

I support you with professional legal counsel after learning the nuances of your business. I do all the heavy lifting on legal issues, so you can focus your finite resources and time on your passion. We work closely and directly together to find the right solutions for your legal concerns and issues. You receive the equivalent of a custom suit from an accomplished tailor, not an off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all product designed to fit millions of businesses.

Pricing Flexibility

As a business owner myself, I am keenly aware of resource restrictions of small businesses and professionals. For that reason, I offer billing options, such as fixed-fee arrangements, subscription services, and hybrid fee structures, to suit your specific legal needs. Together, we can identify a billing solution that works for both of us. My goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price and encourage you to communicate with me by giving you crystal clear pricing before work begins.


You could hire a traditional law firm with a prestigious downtown office, rich mahogany conference table, and breathtaking skyline view. But ask yourself: Who pays for all that opulence? The answer is that you do. As a remote-enabled solo practitioner, I eliminate most of the overhead of a traditional firm, such as expensive real estate, high labor costs, and fancy furniture. I pass those savings on to you. Rather than funding my office operations, you can use those resources for your own purposes.


Today’s business professionals telework and utilize modern workplace technology solutions. So should their attorney. I am always available to meet by video conference or phone instead of in person. We can also communicate by text or a messaging app if you prefer.

Unless required by law, we can share and sign documents securely online, rather than on paper. Automation software speeds up the document development process and reduces errors in drafting and proofing. Of course, I do have conference space for in person client meetings and work sessions.

Additional Information

I welcome you to read my attorney profile or learn more about the legal services at Stoltz Law. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (202) 573-8009 or use the online contact form.