Capital is the lifeblood of a company. I assist small businesses and startups with the process of early stage financing, whether from friends and family, angel investors, or venture capital firms. My experience includes working with many different document sets that exist for startup fundraising, such as NVCA, Y Combinator, Series Seed, and more.

Fundraising Services

When I assist you with fundraising, I guide you through all stages of the capital raising process, including:

  • The appropriate structure of financing based on your circumstances, including:
    • Common stock, preferred stock, SAFE, convertible notes, LLC/LLP interests, and more
    • Review and analysis of applicable securities registration exemptions such as Regulation D and Crowdfunding
  • Legal due diligence/corporate record cleanup
  • Negotiation of early stage raises with angels and VCs
  • Drafting of offering documents, including:
    • Term sheet
    • Private Placement Memorandum
    • Subscription Agreement or Equity Purchase Agreement
    • Investor Rights Agreement
    • Shareholder/Operating Agreement
  • Cap table management through a leading online equity management platform:
    • Organizing your existing documents and taking point during the onboarding
    • Issuing equity compensation to service providers

Contact Stoltz Law

Stoltz Law provides fundraising services to businesses throughout the country. To schedule an appointment, please call (202) 573-8009 or use the online contact form.